Monday, February 25, 2013

Prohibition blowing hot food in Islam

Did you know that we prohibit rasulullah blowing hot food cold so fast, this idolatry in the review of the scientific side because when humans breathe breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. When we blew the food, of course, we spend the gas is carbon dioxide, while the food was steaming hot water. According to the chemical reaction, when the water vapor reacts with carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid compounds (carbonic acid) that are acidic. H2O + CO2 = H2CO3

We need to know that there is blood in H2CO3 useful regulate pH balance (acidity level) in the blood, the blood is a buffer (to maintain the pH of the solution, to form H2CO3 weak acid and the conjugate base form of HCO3, so the blood has a pH of 7, 35 - 7, 45 with the following reaction:
CO2 + H2O = HCO3-+ H +.The body uses penayangga pH in the blood as a protection against the changes that occur suddenly in blood pH. Abnormalities in pH control mechanisms will lead to one of two major abnormalities in acid-base balance.

Carbon dioxide from our mouths will bind with moisture from the food and produce carbonic acid that will affect the level of acidity in our blood, so it will lead to a situation where our blood will be more acidic than it should be so that the pH of the blood falls, also known as acidosis.

Along with the decrease in blood pH, breathing becomes deeper and faster as the body attempts to reduce excess acid in the blood by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. In the end the kidneys are also trying to compensate the situation by issuing more acid in the urine. However, both mechanisms would be useless if the body is constantly producing too much acid, resulting in severe acidosis.

The second reason, as humans Exhale when blow, not only emit gases breathing, the mouth will also emit water vapor and particles that exist from the oral cavity. This indicates there mouth breather particles from food scraps left on the teeth, but it also can be a Microorganism that lives in the mouth cavity, this is what must be avoided in order not to contaminate food that is blown.
Hopefully this article on the prohibition of blowing hot food when it can be useful for you.
This article is sourced from newspapers Riau Pos 8 FEB 2013

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