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Whaat is The meaning of prayer in Islam?

Prayer is the most important worship in the religion of Islam; worship is required by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad and his followers. Because the first one to be calculated on the Day of Judgment is the Pray, automatic, Pray for Muslims is a key determinant for the choice of heaven and hell.

Very important in Islam to do the prayers, many found In the Al Quran and the traditions of the Prophet SAW are valid. Found the phrase, "establish pray" and we are not likely to come across the word / phrase "doing prayer".

It is true; there is a difference of the two sentences above.

The Apostle is second caliph, Umar ibn Khattab. Once said, is "What to pray many, but who establish the prayer, a little".

Well before we understand more about prayer, is good, for we understand the definition of Pray.

1. Definition of Pray according to experts Islamic Fiqh:
The words and deeds are starting with takbiratul ihram, and ended with greetings, to which we worship God, according to the terms specified.

Of this definition; that focuses more on the shape, nature and manner of prayer. In the sense of motion relates only to the birth (body). For this Pray, words and deeds can be heard said made ​​visible to us.

2. Definition is the essence of Pray according to experts;
Exposes the soul to God, which can give birth to fear of Allah SWT, and can raise the awareness, of greatness, and perfection of God's will power

3. Definition of Pray according to expert’s makrifat:
is to worship God with your whole soul and humble before God, Allah willing, the liver accompanied with remembrance, prayer and praise.

Is not the case at point 1 and 2; that where that point lies not in the movement was born (the body), but lies in the motion of the heart and soul. In this case, Pray is determined by the state of his heart and soul, which only God can know it.

From the description explanation for each of the above point, that point when we have been able to do a combination of motion of the heart and soul with the movement of birth (body), means we have establish the prayer. However: if we could only limit outward movement (body), then we just prayed.
for example: when we see someone stand up to uphold the Pray, and meets all applicable do takbir to Pray, whether or its sunnah bowing and greeting, then we can say the extent "that person has to pray". However, we can not say that the man had been establish the prayer, for reasons only God knows that that person has prayed in the motion of the soul, heart and birth (body).

Hopefully this article
on THE MEANING OF PRAYER IN ISLAM can be useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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