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Make Dua In between Adzan and iqamah

The time lag between the call and iqamah is also a recommended time to pray, according to the words of the Prophet SAW Shallallahu'alaihi:

الدعاء لا يرد بين الأذان والإقامة
"Prayer in the prayer and iqamah not rejected" (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 212, he said: "Hasan Sahih")

Thus it is clear that the recommended practice between prayer and iqamah was praying, not Shalawatan, or read aloud murattal.
for example by using a microphone. Besides never Shallallahu'alaihi exemplified by the Prophet SAW, the practice can disrupt the dhikr or praying sunnah. Though the Prophet

Shallallahu'alaihi Wasallam said,

لا إن كلكم مناج ربه فلا يؤذين بعضكم بعضا ولا يرفع بعضكم على بعض في القراءة أو قال في الصلاة

"You know, you're all being bermunajat to God, so do not interfere with each other. Do you guys raised his voice in reading the Qur'an, 'or he said: "In prayer,'" (Narrated by Abu Dawood no.1332, Ahmad, 430, dishahihkan by Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani in Nata-ijul Afkar, 2/16 ).

In addition, people who Shalawatan or read the Qur'an aloud in this interval of time, has left the practice recommended by the Prophet SAW Shallallahu'alaihi, namely prayer. Though this is a good opportunity to ask God everything he wanted. It was lost when he spent time to pray it.

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