Saturday, November 17, 2012

Make Dua When breaking the fast

The Right time to make dua, When breaking the fast

When fasting was a time full of blessing, because at a time when these people feel any happiness fasting, the permissibility of eating and drinking after a day hold, as the hadith:

للصائم فرحتان: فرحة عند فطره و فرحة عند لقاء ربه

"The person who fasts has two happiness: happiness when breaking the fast and happiness when he met with his Rabb later" (Narrated by Muslim, no.1151)

Another blessing at the time of breaking the fast is granting the Dua of people who have fasted, as the words of the Prophet SAW Shallallahu'alaihi:

ثلاث لا ترد دعوتهم الصائم حتى يفطر والإمام العادل و المظلوم

'"Three Dua are not rejected. the  Dua of fasting person when fasting. The Dua of  leader who is fair, and the Dua of the wrongdoers "(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi no.2528, Ibn Majah no.1752, no.2405 Ibn Hibban, Al-Albani in Saheeh dishahihkan At Tirmidhi)

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