Monday, February 25, 2013

Eating With Hands More Healty

Prompts Prophet Muhammad, Eating With Hands (right hand) More Healthy
There is an interesting scientific research, that eating by right hand (by bribing fed directly into the mouth) is more healthful than eating use the spoon or other devices.

Eat with your right hand proved to be more healthy because there are in the hands of RNAse enzymes that can bind to the bacteria so that the level of activity is very low when it comes in with the food into the digestive tract

Basically, the main purpose of these enzymes are used in genetic analysis, with the aim of degrading RNA, so that the living of a living cell is DNA. This enzyme're always contained within the radius of human hands, so if we have hand washing, the bribery process food into the digestive tract will enroll enzyme that could bind the bacterial cell so that their activities are not optimal. Once the food came into the digestive tract, the enzyme would follow the movement of the bacteria to bind to the sewer.

Conversely, if a man use a spoon, no one can put a halt to the activity of bacteria contained, either in food or cutlery itself.

Hopefully this article about the suggestion to eat with your hands (right hand) can be useful for you, thanks. This article is sourced from Riau Pos Newspapers February 6, 2013

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