Saturday, October 13, 2012

The signs of Day of Judgment will come

While we are in the long flax, which is when Day of Judgment will come, and we look like a donkey hurriedly. So, take warning, because it's very useful warning to those who think.

Well let's see some sign of Day of Judgment is coming

1. conquest Baitulmuqaddis
From Auf bin Malik. he said, The Messenger of Allah has said: "I ​​count six cases before the Day of Judgement." Sire mention any one of them, is the conquest Baitulmuqaddis. "- Sahih Bukhari

2. adultery rampant
"And abide bad men, who casually copulating like himar (donkey). So, in their day, the end will come. "- Sahih Muslim

3. rampant musical
"At the end of time will be ground collapse, unrest and change in the face.
"Someone asked the Prophet:" O Messenger of God when this happened? "Majesty replied:" If you have bermaharajalela sounds (music) and the female singers' History of Ibn Majah

4. Decorate mosques and proud
"Among the signs of Day of Judgement is close, human glory in the mosque" - History Nasai.
5. The emergence of abominations, decided relatives and relations with neighbors are not well
"Day of Judgement will not come so that many vile deeds and sayings, friendship broke and poor attitude in the neighborhood." - Reported by Ahmad and Hakim.

6. many pious people died
"There will come Day of Judgement so that God takes good people and religious scholars in the world, then there is no living to him except those who despised and poor who do not know that kindness and do not deny evil" - Reported by Ahmad

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