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13 Best time to make Dua, to be granted

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is very generous, and giving to His creatures. He is Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Very different from the humans, who feeling heavy if someone asks something from him.
While Allah Ta'ala loves the servant who asking Him.

As the words of the poet:

يا ابن آدم إنك ما دعوتني ورجوتني غفرت لك على ما كان منك ولا أبالي

"God's wrath on those who are reluctant to ask Him. while men, when asked, it will be angry "

Allah loves those who pray to Him, even His love, God gave 'bonus' in the form of forgiveness of sin, to the servant who ask or pray to him.

Allah Ta'ala says in a Hadith Qudsi:

يا ابن آدم إنك ما دعوتني ورجوتني غفرت لك على ما كان منك ولا أبالي

"O mankind, while you pray and hope to me, I forgive your sins and your sins I do not care anymore" (Narrated by At Tirmidhi, he said: 'saheeh hasan hadeeth')

God truly understands the human condition is weak, and will always need His mercy.
So we should not be surprised if Allaah curse those who are reluctant to pray to Him.
Even God will curse those who are reluctant to ask or pray to him, because the man should be categorized arrogant by Allah. Even be threatened with Hell.

Allah Ta'ala says:
ادعوني أستجب لكم إن الذين يستكبرون عن عبادتي سيدخلون جهنم داخرين

"Pray to Me, I will grant your prayer. It's the people who are reluctant to boast about worship Me, will be put into Hell in a state of abject "(Surah Ghafir: 60)

This verse also shows that God is gracious to His servants. because his servant commanded to pray, and ask God directly, without going through an intermediary, and is guaranteed to be granted.

The right time to pray, It is all the time in our day we can use to pray. It's just that there is some time been promised by God, that when we pray at this time, will be granted by Allah.
Explanation of each of these numbers, I made separately on another page, please click to read.
Those times are:
1. When dawn or last third of the night
2. When fasting
3. When Lailatul Qadr night
4. When Adzan Echoed
5. Make Dua in between adzan and iqamah
6. When being prostrating in prayer
7. As before greeting on obligatory prayer
8. On Friday
9. When it rained
10. Wednesday between Dhuhr and Asr
11. When the Day of Arafah
12. While War is raged
13. While Drinking Zam-zam Water

This article comes from:, with some changes from me. Hopefully this article about 13 the right time to pray, to be granted, can be useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully.

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