Monday, October 8, 2012

A healthy diet of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad is a very good role model in many ways, one of them in terms of lifestyle and health. He is the one who always maintain a healthy body and heart, in a way that is quite simple, not fitness or something.

Here is the Healthy Life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Third Of The Night Air

Health experts assert that the last third of the night air is rich in oxygen, and has not been contaminated by other substances, so it is very useful to optimize the body's metabolism. This is obviously a very big influence on the vitality of a person in the activities during the day.

Imitate the Prophet, who every morning always get fresh air intake.
He woke up before dawn and carry qiyamul Lail. Usually people who
began life in the morning by waking up at dawn, going through the day with
full of enthusiasm and optimism. Unlike the people who do not get up at dawn
day, usually more susceptible to feeling lazy to move.

 Mouth and Dental healt

To maintain a healthy mouth and teeth in the morning, the Prophet Muhammad
using Siwak. Siwak contains flour, which is very useful in keeping
healthy teeth and gums. Mouth and teeth is the organ that is very
role in food consumption. If the mouth and tooth pain, it is usually
food consumption process becomes impaired.

Prophet opened the breakfast menu with cold water mixed with
honey. In the Qur'an, honey is Syifaa (drug) that is expressed by isim
nakiroh, showing common sense and thorough. Basically, honey can be
cure for various diseases. Honey is used to cleanse the stomach,
activate the intestines, and cure constipation, hemorrhoids, burns, and

Seven items Ajwa dates fruit (ripe) becomes habit Prophet, before
afternoon. He once said, "He who eats seven grains a date, then
will be protected from the poison. "

This was proven when a Jewish woman
put poison in the food the Prophet in an assassination attempt in
battle of Khaibar, the toxins are ingested by him could then be neutralized by
substances contained in dates. Meanwhile, the mother Bisyir al Barra ', one
a friend who had eaten the poison eventually died, but
Prophet survived the poison. The secret is a seven-point palm
commonly consumed Prophet.

Hopefully this article on a healthy diet of the Prophet, may be useful for you, thanks yours respectfully ..

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