Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prohibition of masturbation in Islam

This is something that is forbidden in Islam, but this act of sin, not for committing fornication, no tolerance in this case, whether the woman or man to masturbate because they want to let go of desire (lust) is being volatile, or other reasons.

Can masturbation for fear of falling into the act of adultery?

Fear fall into fornication cannot be in use as an excuse to order a person can avoid this act, shall for those who deal with this, it should be abstinence or fasting.

Some hadith and Qur'an verses about masturbation:

1. Word of God (the meaning): "and those who keep cooks, except for their wives, or the slaves that they have, then surely they are not blameworthy in this case. If one seeks other than that, then that is the people who exceed the limits. (Al mukminun, 23:5-7)

2. Prophet Muhammad, which means: "Allah curses those who masturbate".

3. Prophet Muhammad, which means, "O young men, whoever among you has no ability (physical and economic capacity), then marry, because marriage can take the view, and protect the cooks. But for those who have not been able, he should fast, because fasting is going to be a hedge lust. (Narrated by Muslim)

Dangers of masturbation:

1. It is a sin
2. Can damage the psyche and the body, can cause impotence when married.
3. Same with the killing, as with masturbation, someone had dumped billions of cells of the baby

How to quit masturbation?

1. Keep busies you with positive activities, such as reading a book or something else
2. If you already have the ability to economically or physically, get marriage
3. Restrain desire, remember masturbation is a sin.

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