Monday, August 6, 2012

Circumcision (Khitan) can prevent HIV / AIDS !

This is one of the teachings of Islam, who works for human health. The good news for men who have been circumcised. Experts agree circumcision is proven effective in suppressing the transmission of HIV. If done in the world, 2 million new HIV infections could be prevented.

"Two recent studies even quit early, because it demonstrates the high effectiveness of circumcision than the control group who refused circumcision," said researchers from the University of Illinois, United States, Richard Bailey, the International AIDS Society Conference in Sydney, Australia.

These conclusions were obtained after 3 studies conducted in Africa. All the studies prove the effectiveness of circumcision to prevent HIV transmission. Circumcision could reduce the risk of HIV transmission by up to 60%.

If circumcision is performed around the world, it could prevent 2 million new HIV infections and three hundred thousand deaths in sub-Saharan Africa for 10 years.

Bailey at the conference is also invited leaders of developing countries to promote circumcision to male citizens. But he realized that it was not easy, because circumcision is not just a simple medical practice. Circumcision has been synonymous with culture, religion and belief.

"For it is not easy for the minister or politician to spread the need for circumcision in countries with no tradition of it," said Bailey. But if the promotion of the importance of circumcision is not starting from now, it would be dangerous for the long term, as more and more to be infected with HIV. "The right time is now,"

Hopefully this article about why muslim must circumcision can be helpful for you, Thanks your respectfully.

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