Friday, August 10, 2012

Islam forbids the eyebrow diluting !


One way this is ornate, excessive for women, which is forbidden by Islam, which is shaved eyebrows, whether it is to be lifted, or equivalent, or be diluted. Which is a trend in the present? For this, then at least the Muslims, provide an explanation for the Muslim women, about this prohibition.

In this case the Prophet had cursed it, as mentioned in the Hadith:
"The Prophet cursed the women who shaved her eyebrows, or ask at shaving his eyebrows." (Reported by Abu Daud, with a hasan isnad. According to what is in Fathul Baari)

Bukhari was mentioned in the hadith history:
Prophet s.a.w. cursed the women who asked for shaved eyebrows.
It is forbidden anymore, if it's shaved eyebrows done as a symbol for the women obscene.

While scholars Hanbali schools of thought;
that women are allowed to shave his forehead, carving, or give red paint (make up), and can sharpen the corners of her eyes. But it must obtain their husbands' approval, because it includes ornate

But by Imam Nawawi is tightened;
that shaved the forehead, it absolutely should not be. And denies by history that was brought in Sunan Abu Daud: That is called namishah (shaved eyebrows) so that the thin one. Thus does not include decorating the face to remove the feathers.

Thabari narrates from Abu Isaac's wife, that one when he had to Aisha's house, while the wife of Abu Ishak was still a girl and has a beautiful face.

Then he asked:
How does the law of women who decorate their faces for the sake of her husband?
Aisha then said:
ugliness, the ugliness that is in you as much as possible.

Hopefully this article about, Prohibition in Islam, in a Changing or Diluting Eyebrow Shaping, can be useful for you, and thank yours respectfully.

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