Friday, August 10, 2012

5 the privilege of month ramadan

Month of Ramadan, which all Muslims are required to fast for one full month, the Muslims do not eat and drink, ranging from the dawn prayer until the Maghreb prayer time arrives.

Many features of this month, all the deeds we have done this month, will get a reply which doubled from GOD. Well, let us know the features of this blessed month.

1. Education Month.
Syahrul-Tarbiyah. Why the month of Ramadan is called the syahrul Tarbiyah / month of education, because this month we are trained by Allah SWT. Such as eating in time so that our health intact. Or we are taught in order to set the time in our lives. When the meal, when it works, when it breaks and at the time of worship.

2. months of the war
Syahrul Jihad. At the time of the Prophet, many battles took place in this blessed Ramadan, and, thanks to the grace of God, all the battles won by the Muslims. And today, we still fight, but we are fighting against ourselves, the desire and passion, and this was a tough battle.
3. Month of the revelation of the holy book the Qur'an
Syahrul Qur'an, the Qur'an was first revealed in the month of Ramadan, it would be nice if in this month, we read much the Qur'an, and understand the content of the contents of the holy book. So that we can practice the commands of God contained therein.

4. Month fellowship
Syahrul Ukhuwah Islamiyah, in this deeply felt brotherly relations between Muslims, the Muslims in the mosque interact, whether to perform prayers in congregation. And in the neighborhood, they exchanged food, for a meal break.

5. The worship  moon
Syahrul Worship. Ramadan is also called the month of worship, many Muslims do worship the Sunnah, in addition to compulsory worship, such as sunnah Doha prayer. Rawatib and Tarawih prayer, or qiyamullai and read the Qur'an. And are not necessarily in others not much worship can be done, just because in this month, the reward deeds of worship will be doubled by the God, then almost all Muslims are competing, to worship, whether obligatory or sunna.

That bit about the privilege of of Ramadan, let us not neglect our time in this vain, let us fill with deeds. Thank you yours respectfully.

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