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Obligation to cover women hair in islam


There are some people saying that a woman's hair is not
including the genitals and may be loaded. Whether this is true and
how their argument?


Has become a consensus of the Muslims in all countries
and at any time on any class of jurists, scholars,
Hadith scholars and Sufism expert, that the woman's hair
including jewelry that must be closed, should not be opened in
the presence of a non-relative.
Thus, based on the above verse, Allah swt. has banned
for the believing women to show her jewelry.
Except for the birth (usually visible). Among the scholars,
both past and present, no one said that
her hair including those who were born; even
scholars that liberal-minded, it is classified
jewelry that is not visible.

In his commentary, Al-Qurtubi said, "God Almighty. Has
prohibited to women, so he did not show
jewelry (beauty), except to the people
particular, or jewelry for a look. "
Ibn Mas'ud said, "Jeweler that birth (usually visible)
is the clothing.”Added by Ibn Jubair," Faces "
Coupled by Sa'id Ibn Jubayr and Al-Auzai, "Faces,
both hands and clothes.”

Ibn Abbas, Qatadah and Ibn Al-Masuri Makhramah said,
"Jewelry (beauty) is born it is kohl, jewelry
and rings, including permissible (permissible). "

Ibn Atiyah says, "What is clear to me is the appropriate
the meaning of the verse, that the woman was ordered to
not reveal itself in a state of beautiful ornate
and so tried to cover it up. The exception to
presumably parts by weight to cover it, because
emergency and difficult, such as the face and hands. "

Al-Qurtubi said, "The view is good Ibn Atiyah
once, because usually the face and hands were visible in
ordinary time and when doing charity worship, for example
Prayer, worship and so on pilgrimage.”

Such things are consistent with what is narrated
by Abu Daud of Aisha r.a. that when Asma 'bint Abu
Fuel r.a. met with the Messenger of Allah, when it was Asma '
're wearing thin clothes, then the Messenger of Allah.
Turned away as he said:

      "O Asma '! Indeed, if a woman
      have reached menstruation, it is no longer feasible for
descry it himself, but this ... "(he
      indicated on the face and hands).

Thus, the words of the Prophet. It shows that
her hair does not include jewelry that may
reveal, except the face and hands.

Allah swt. Have been ordered for women believers,
in the paragraph above, to cover the places
normally open at the chest. Al-Khimar meaning it is
"cloth to cover the head," as turbans for
men, as the statements of the scholars and experts
interpretation. This (tradition that advocated closing the head)
not found in any Hadith.

Al-Qurtubi said, "For the fall of the verse is
that in those days when women cover their heads with
akhmirah (veil), then the veil was pulled back,
so that the chest, neck and ears are not closed. Then,
Allah swt. Ordered to cover the face, i.e.
chest and the other. "

In the history of Al-Bukhari, that Aisha r.a. has said,
"I hope women who emigrated were blessed of God."

When it comes down the verse, they soon ripped off her clothes
to cover what is open.

When Aisha r.a. approached by Hafsah, nephew, son
from his brother that was named Abdurrahman r.a. by using
hoods (khamirah) are thin on the neck, Aisha
r.a. then said, "It's very thin, cannot be
cover it. "

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