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Islam amplifies the illegitimate issue of usury, solely for the protection of human welfare, both in terms of behavior, society, and economy.

Would be sufficient to find a silver lining as what was raised by Imam al-Razi in his commentary as follows:

1.Riba is an act of taking one's property, with a greedy
for people who lend money one dirham, with two drams, for example, and then he can return for additional one dirham without change. Being property of oth ers is a standard of living and has a very big honor.

Like what is mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet:
 "That the property of human dignity, equal to the honor of his blood"
Therefore, the taking of one's possessions, with greedy, it is definitely illegitimate.

2. Depending on the riba, may hinder people from busyness working.
Because, if the owner of money believes, that through riba he will get additional money, either cash or futures, it will alleviate the problem to make a living, so that he almost did not want to bear severity of business, commercial and severe jobs.

Was such a thing would result in breaking of the material needs of society.
Things cannot be denied any longer, that the benefit of the world's one hundred percent determined by the course of trade, employment, enterprise and development.
(No doubt, that this wisdom would be acceptable, in terms of the economy).

3. Riba will cause the breakdown of good behavior (doing well), among men in the field of lending.
Because if riba was forbidden, then someone will be happy to lend the money of the dirham, and the return of one dirham as well. But if riba was lawful, then it is definitely going to consider the needs of people with severe money took a dirham. Required to restore with two dirhams.

That is, the feeling compassion and kindness are severed.
(This is an acceptable reason, in terms of ethic).


4. in general, providers of receivables is a wealthy man, while the borrower is a person who cannot afford.
Thus, the opinion allows riba, means give way to rich people to take the property of the poor are weak, as additional profit.

Was not feasible to do so as a person who obtained the grace of God.
(This is reviewed in terms of the social).

This all means that there are elements of riba extorted from the weak, for the sake of the strong (exploitation de l'home par l'hom). With a conclusion: the rich get richer, the poor are still poor.

Which will lead to the raising of class society, the financing of other classes, allowing the group will lead to heartache, and spiteful, and would cause resentment among members of the community, and bring to the uprising by extremist groups and the subversion?
History also has noted the danger of riba, and the sharks to politics, law and national and international security.

Hopefully this article on haraam And Dangers Riba in Islam. Can be useful for you. Thank you yours respectfully.

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