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Hair polishes in Islam?

It is also the teachings of Islam, about the shape of the body, to be the difference between Muslims and non Muslims. Just like a beard, Islam also teaches how to treat the hair.

Has been the custom of the Jews and the Christians, so that no hair polish and changed, with an assumption that the makeup and beautify themselves it can eliminate the sense of worship and religion.

Such as those done by monks, and scholars who are too excessive ascetic. But the Prophet s.a.w. forbid taqlid on a people, and follow them. that forever, it's different personalities Muslims outwardly and inwardly.
For this reason it is in the hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said:
"Verily, the Jews did not want to polish the hair, because it is different from you with them." (Bukhari)
This command is voluntary, as was done by the Companions, such as Abu-bakar and Umar. While others do not, like Ali, Ubai bin Ka'b, and Anas.

But the question in the Muslims;
1. What color is allowed, to polish the hair?
2. Whether allow the black, or any other color besides black?

For older people, which is uniformly gray, both in the head, or beard, is not worthy of polish the black.
Therefore, when he brought his father Abu Kuhafah Abu-bakar, to the Prophet on the day before the conquest of Makah, the Prophet saw his hair was like, an all-white tsaghamah trees, both fruit and flowers.

Then the Prophet said: "Change this (gray) but stay away from black." (Reported by Muslim)
And for Muslims who are not old, it is not sinful if dyeing his hair black.

In this case az-Zuhri said: "We are polishing the black hair, the face is still visible when young, but if the face is wrinkled and the teeth were already faltering, we do not use black."

Including a permit, polish the with a black color hair, this is the party of scholars of the Salaf, including the Companions, such as: Saad ibn Abu Waqqash, Uqbah bin Amir, Hasan, Husen, Jarir and others.
Was among the scholars who argue there should not be black, except in times of war, so the enemy can be daunting, so they see all Muslim soldiers still look young.

And the hadith narrated by Abu Dhar said:
"The best materials are used to polish the gray hair is henna and Katam tree." (History and Ashabussunan Tarmizi).
Henna, red, while Katam a tree that grows at the time of the Prophet. Excrete reddish black.
Anas bin Malik reported that Abu-Bakar dyeing his hair with henna and Katam, Umar was only with henna only.

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