Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Live peacefully with Sunnah prayer

In this article will explain some understanding of the Sunnah prayers, and the bennefits of sunnah prayer.

1. Tahajjud  Sunnah Prayer
Tahajud Sunnah prayers is the prayer done in the middle of the night, between Isha and Fajr prayers after waking up, exactly on the third night. The cycle’s number of (rakaat) of prayer tahajjud least two cycles, up to unlimited. When about to go back to sleep you should read the ayat of al-kursi, ayat al-ikhlas, ayat Al- Falaq and ayat An-Nas.

2. Duha Sunnah Prayer

Duha prayer is a sunnah prayer done in the morning between the hours of 07:00 to 10:00 hours local time. Number raka'at least two rakaat Duha prayer, and a maximum of twelve raka'at. With a greeting every two roka'at. Benefits of Duha prayer is that in Relieve in all things, especially the fortune. When performing Duha prayer should read the Sura  Al-waqi'ah , Adh-Duha, Al-Quraishi, Ash-Syamsi, Al-kafirun, and Al-ikhlas.

3. Istikharah Sunnah Prayer

istikharah prayer is a Prayer, whose goal is to get guidance from Allah SWT in determining the choice of life, consisting of two terms / cases or more than two. Results from the guidance of Allah SWT will eliminate indecision and disappointment in later days. Case in determining the choice of:

- Choose a mate husband / wife
- Choose a job
- Decide on a case
- Choosing a place to stay, and so forth

4. Tasbih (Rosary) Sunnah Prayer
Tasbih Prayer, is the prayer that aims to reproduce Allah sanctify. Processing time of prayer is free. Every rakaat coupled with reading Tasbih words 75 times.

5. Repentance (taubat) Sunnah Prayer
Prayer repentance. Are two raka'at prayer done for people who want to repent, repentant or sorry for sins that have been committed, by vowing not to do, and repeat the sinful deeds. Sunna prayer repentance should be accompanied by fasting, almsgiving multiply, and prayer.

6. Hajat Sunnah Prayer
Hajat Prayer. is a prayer that intent, or his ideals granted by Allah SWT. Hajat Prayer is endeavor undertaken in conjunction with, or attempt to achieve the intent or ideals. Hajat Sunnah Prayers at least every two rakaat and a maximum of twelve. may at any time, with one salam every two raka'at, but it's better done in the last third of the night.

7. Safar Sunnah Prayers

Safar Sunnah Prayer. prayer is done by people who will be traveling.
such as the hajj, seeking knowledge (studi), looking for work, trade, and so on. Or traveling, while not intended for evil. Like, the ultimate goal is that gets the pleasure, safety and protection of Allah SWT.

8. Await Sunnah Prayer
Rawatib Sunnah prayers done before, and after the obligatory(fardhu) prayers.
That before prayer called Salat qobliyah,  and that after the obligatory prayer called salat Ba'diyah
. Her virtue is to complement and patching obligatory prayer may be lacking humility or not tumaninah.

9. Istihqho sunnah prayer
Sunnah prayers is done to invoke rain. performed in congregation, during the dry season.
in praying istikharah should also do, fasting Sunna, sodakoh, remembrance, and other good deeds.

10. Witr Sunnah Prayer.
Prayers Sunnah in Witr do before dawn. for who confidently expect wake up in the night, in priority to pray this prayer when a third night after Tahajud. Witr Prayer also called closing prayer. usual three rakaat with two salam. The first two rakaats Salam, and resumes one rakaat again.
Hopefully This article about the bennefits of sunnah prayer, can be helpfull for you, thanks Wassalam.

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