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What is a Hijab and the correct hijab

What is a Hijab

Hijab, derived from the word jalbaba, which means wearing braces. The scholars differ about the meaning of the hijab.

Some scholars interpret clothes brackets; were other scholars interpret a loose lady dress, which can cover the head and chest.
Al-Asy'ariy found, the hijab is clothes that can cover the entire body.

Other scholars argue that the hijab is a woman's veil to cover the head, chest, back (Ibn Manzur, Lisan al-'Arab, entries. Jalaba). According to Ibn Abbas, the hijab is robe that covers the body from top to bottom (al-Qasimiy, XIII: 4908).

According to al-Qurtubiy, the hijab is clothes that can cover the entire body (al-Qurtubiy, VI: 5325).

From this explanation it can be concluded that the hijab has two meanings:
1. The hijab is a veil that covers the head, chest and back that is usually used by women.
2. Hijab is a kind of clothes brackets to cover the entire body, commonly used for women.

If the two terms are combined, then the the hijab is meant by women's clothing consisting of a hood, and the clothes brackets to cover all her nakedness.

Or in another sense, Muslim women wear the hijab is covering genitalia, ie the entire body except the face and the hands, which consists of the veil and similar clothes brackets.

Therefore, it needs to be clarified our vision for this that tends to narrow the meaning of hijab became just headscarves only.

Moderate conditions are good the hijab include: not sheer / transparent, not tight so visible her figure, and not small so it seems likely the chest and is not covered.

Sources: fatwa Legal Affairs Committee of Muhammadiyah (fatwa tarjih muhammadyah)

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