Saturday, March 9, 2013

bad effects of sleeping in the morning

God has created the night and day, darkness and light. All that has usefulness, respectively, the night time is the time in guanakan remedy rested, after activity during the day. And then there was the time among the blessed, that morning.

morning is a time of grace and of the time we were told to use it. However, in reality we see many people neglect this glorious time. The time should be used for work, doing obedience and worship, it dipergunakaan for sleeping and lazing.

Brother, remember that people hate to sleep earlier Salih morning. We can see this from the narrative of Ibn al-Qayyim as he explained a lot of sleep problems is that a lot of sleep can be lethal heart and make the body feel lazy and wasting time. He rahimahullah said,
"A lot of sleep can lead to negligent and lazy. Many sleep there, including some that are banned and can cause harm to the body.

Time was the most useful are:
[1] sleep when it is needed,
[2] sleep early in the evening - it's more benefits than sleeping in late-night,
[3] in the mid-afternoon sleep - this is more beneficial than sleeping in the morning and evening-. Especially in the morning and afternoon very little benefit even more dangers, even more sleep at 'Asr and early morning unless it was a sleepless night.

According to the Salaf, sleep is forbidden to sleep when finished the morning prayer until the sun rises. Because at that time is the time to reap ghonimah (abundant reward). Ml engisi sleep time is the virtue of a very large, according to people Salih. So when they travel through the night, they did not want to sleep at that time until the sun rises. They do so because the morning is the time opening the door and coming blessing fortune (good deeds). "(Madarijus Salikin, 1/459, Maktabah Syamilah)

hopefully articles bad effects of sleeping in the morning is useful for you, thanks yours respectfully.

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