Friday, March 1, 2013

Islam recommends sleep on your right side

Venturing to right side sleeping is the correct sleeping position taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Because medical research explains, the size of the left lung is smaller than the right lung because the heart is the weight a little more, and the liver was in stable condition and does not hang. Gastric also in favorable conditions, this position can accelerate the process of gastric emptying. Sleep on your side to right also facilitate secretion, in the form of mucus in the bronchi (lung branches) left.

The enlargement of the left lung, rather than on the right, caused by a sideways position, making it more difficult to remove because the mucus to be pushed up, if left unchecked, this can lead to the accumulation of mucus in the windpipe which would also lead to disturbances in the lung lung and organ expenses, such as the kidneys.Therefore, the most sophisticated treatment at this time is to sleep on your side right. 

And many other benefits that come with sleeping on his side to right, are:
 1. Resting the left brain, the right brain is the organ that supplies the left and vice versa, we generally use the organs of the body to the right as the dominant limb in activities, such as feeding, holding and others.By sleeping in the right position, then the left side that supplies the brain activity of all organs of the body to the right will be protected from the dangers arising from the circulation slows down during sleep / silence.
2. reduce the burden of heart 
3. mengitirahatkan stomach 
4. improve emptying of the gallbladder and pancreas
5. time increases the absorption of nutrients6. resting the left leg, with the bed tilted to right will relieve soreness.

Hopefully this article recommendation Sleep Prophet Leaning to right this can be useful for you, this article comes from the Riau Pos newspaper

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