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why pigs Haram According to the Qur'an

Pigs Haram according to the Qur'an. But, what reason?

Islam strictly forbids carrion, blood, the flesh, and animals slaughtered without the use of sharia, as the word of Allah in the Holy Qur'an Sura Baqarah 2:173.

"He hath only forbidden you carrion, blood, pork, and animals (when killed) called (name) except Allah. But if anyone in a state of forced (to eat) is he does not want it and not (also) exceeds the limit, it is no sin for him. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful ".

Thus does Allah SWT has outlined the law that must be obeyed by his people, his people without knowing why the Creator commanded so. Such as Prohibition on pigs. A few years ago many thought Prohibition pig is closely linked to health problems, because of habit pig always a dirty place to live and the way farming is not higinies. Often pork tapeworm is also associated with more frequent because pigs are dirty place. The pork can be a source of disease for people who eat.

However, if a medical reason for the current relavan?. In the modern farm system, with system maintenance are modern and clean, did not smell like the traditional pig farms. Pigs are grouped in an enclosure with a certain amount of density, which is nice and cozy enclosure. Sewage system is made in such a way, so that dirt can be reused as fertilizer which does not emit odors. The pigs can be ascertained very suitable for consumption by humans. So, whether for health reasons may be good reason to make the pig as unclean product?.

Every commandment of Allah must have purpose, that sometimes people do not know. And human beings have a duty to find the "secret code" to open the "veil of mystery" given by Allah SWT. The last two decades the use of pigs as a medium for organ transplants from animals to humans (xenotransplantasi) conducted intensive.

Modification of pig genes that produced organs like kidneys and heart can be transplanted into the human body. Genetic engineering technology by transferring human genes into pigs do to pigs produced has organs that can be accepted by the human body. Research reveals that in fact DNA pigs have in common is high, both in terms of physiological and genetically with humans. Examples of DNA sequence similarity Pork reached 98.9% of men.

High level of genetic similarity allow pigs and humans have in common diseases and genetic disorders, which cause disease affecting pigs could infect humans. An example is the attack ebola outbreak in Philippine pigs, showed ebola disease transmission from pigs to humans a matter of time.

Genetic closeness between pigs and humans is "one possibility" Prohibition of pork because it is associated with cannibalism for pemakannya. Secrets of Allah SWT will slowly open. But if we as human beings have limitations were not also able to uncover the secrets of God, who knows Allah only tested people's faith as a vicegerent in the earth, to comply with any of his ban. Who knows, right?. Allah knows everything

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