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Why did Prophet Muhammad loves cats?

Told in a story, the Prophet Muhammad had a cat named Mueeza. One time, when his Prophet was about to take his cloak, in his encounter Mueeza was falling asleep with relaxing on his cape. Not wanting to disturb his favorite animal, the Prophet cut off parts of the sleeve, which laid Mueeza.

When the Prophet returned home, Muezza woke up, and bow down to Rassul. In return, the Prophet expressed his affection by gently stroking the cat as much tiny body

In another activity, every time the Prophet received a guest in his house, the Prophet used to hold mueeza and put it in his thigh.

One of the characteristics of Mueeza are the preferred by the prophet was, he always meows when he heard the Adhan, and as if his voice sounds like a rebound following the Adhan.

To his companions, the Prophet told to love cats, like dearest family.

The punishment for those who harm a cat is very serious, in an shahih Hadith Al Bukhari, narrated about a woman who never feed her cat, nor remove the cat to feed themselves, the Prophet Muhammad also explained that the punishment for this woman is tortured hell.

From Ibn 'Umar that the prophet of Allah said,

"A woman entered into hell because of a cat which she tied up and not be allowed to eat even eat small animals that exist on the floor." (Narrated by Bukhari)

The Prophet emphasized in several hadiths that the cat is not unclean. Even allowed to perform ablution using excess water from the drinking cats because it is considered sacred.

Why Prophet the blind to read and write, dare to say that the cat was sacred, not profane? Then, how the Prophet knew that the cat's body, there is no profane?

The specialty of Cats

Scientific Fact 1:
In the skin a cat, there is a muscle that serves to resist bacteria egg. Muscles cats can also customize the touch of human muscle.

The surface of the cat's tongue was covered by numerous tiny pointy bump, bump it like a miser bent conical or chainsaw. This form is very useful for cleansing the skin. When cats drink, no drop of liquid falls from his tongue. While the cat's tongue itself is the most advanced cleaning tool, the rough surface could throw off the feathers and clean the feathers left in his body.

Scientific Fact 2:
Studies have been performed on cats with some differences in age, differences in the position of the skin, back, inner soles, protective mouth and tail. parts of the sampling is done with strokes. In addition, do also planting germs on special parts. Continues, also taken special fluid that is on the wall in the mouth and tongue.

The results obtained are:

1. The results are taken from the outer skin poorer air negative bacteria, although repeated.
Comparison of embedded bacteria gave negative results about 80% when viewed from the fluid taken from the walls of the mouthIn parts of the sampling is done with strokes. In addition, do also planting germs on special parts. Continues, also taken special fluid that is on the wall in the mouth and tongue.

2. Once there are bacteria that are found during the research process, the bacteria including the bacteria that are considered as common germs that thrive on the human body in such limited quantities, Enterobacter, Streptococcus, and taphylococcus. The numbers are growing less and 50 thousand. Not found a diverse group of bacteria.

A variety of reliable sources and results of laboratory studies concluded that cats do not have germs and microbes. saliva clean and clear.

Comments from Doctors Research
According to Dr. George Maqshud, director of the laboratory at the Animal Hospital Baitharah, rarely found the bacteria in a cat's tongue.
If the germ is there, then the cat will get sick.
Dr. Gen Gustafsirl found that germs are most abundant in dogs,
Human 1/4 dogs, a cat half human.
Veterinarians veterinary hospital Damascus, Sa'id Rafah confirmed that a cat has a cleaning device named lysozyme.
Cats do not like water because water is a very fertile for the growth of bacteria, especially in stagnant water (mud, rain puddles, etc.)
Cats also are maintaining the stability of the warmth of his body. He was not much sun and do not go near the water.
The goal is that bacteria do not move him. This is the factor no germs on the cat.

Scientific Fact 3:
And the results of medical research and experiments that have been conducted in laboratory animals, it was found that, overall net cat loss. He is cleaner than humans.

Additional Scientific Fact:
• ages of cats used for therapy. Snoring cats with 50 Hz vibration good for health. besides stroking a cat can lower stress levels.
• The rest of the sacred cat food law.
• Hadith Kabsyah bint Ka'b bin Malik reported that Abu Qatadah, Kabsyah-law, came to his house and he poured water for ablution. At that time, a cat came to drink. Then he poured water on the vessel until the cat is drinking.

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